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Thank you

Thank you  so much on behalf of Family Support Work in Eastbourne.  

I would like to thank you for your generosity in providing pantomime tickets which enabled some of the families that I support in Eastbourne to attend a wonderful show including a selection box . Every family had a brilliant time and the children were so excited that they had had the opportunity to meet some of the cast .  The families that you helped are all in crisis and this allowed them some precious time to switch off their troubles and enjoy family time together.  

ABC Fund has been providing pantomime tickets for the families I support in East Sussex for nearly 9 years. The feedback I get is great. Parents and children say how much they enjoy it each year. It has become a tradition and a massive treat for those families who would otherwise not be able to go. They watch the show and forget about their problems for a few hours;  some have long lasting memories that they still talk about years later. Parents and carers are so excited to meet the cast at the end of the show. So  on behalf of all those families that have had pantomime tickets,  I’m saying a big thank you to ABC fund and long may it continue.

  Thank you ABC fund for the highlight you have given these families.    

A hard working single mum took her 2 daughters to the Panto said it really got Christmas off to a great start and put a smile on all their faces....    

  A single Dad that has limited access to his daughter. Really appreciated been able to give her a treat and enjoy time together....      

Great Grandparents that have custody of 2 boys that had never been to a panto before really really loved it. They  have mentioned it at school and are still speaking about  It now. The Great Grandparents enjoyed it too.....        

Myself and our Families can never thank abcfund enough for the amazing experience of a pantomime, meeting real characters afterwards!! And the incredible hampers, many families wouldn’t have the treats they were given at Christmas if it wasn’t for abcfund!!!! You are all AMAZING!!!!    

We also do a nature trip every summer run by the abc fund where the kids get to explore in the woods - sit around a campfire and many other things they don’t experience in their urban surroundings. These are very special days as the kids absolutely love it.  We have also been given panto tickets in the past and receive Xmas hampers for our poorest families every year. I cannot count how many times abc fund has made our users smile - but dealing with them has been the fun part of my job and I will be eternally grateful to Anne and her team as will lots of our families. Bless you all!   

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